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How to Create Products that Make a Killing


We looked last week at how Shenee Howard grew her business from $0 to six figures in two years, but now lets turn to an even larger and more exponential success: Laura Roeder. From Service Provider to Seven-Figure Business Owner Originally… [Read More]

How Shenee Howard Grew Her Business from $0 to Six Figures in Two Years


When we embark on a new business venture, as moms, potential downside of failure is clear: if our business doesn’t succeed, not only is it taking time from our families for no reason, but it directly affects our ability to… [Read More]

Sticky Client Situations: What Do You Do When a Client Wants a Refund?


When you buy a pre-made product, whether a sweater at the mall or a digital course from an online marketing guru, asking for a refund when you’re unhappy is a perfectly normal thing to do. Stores always have a refund… [Read More]

33 Specific Ways to Get More Business


Now with the holidays (and holiday travel) behind us, most of us are finally done scrambling to get presents to the kids, done wrapping up our client work for the year and now setting up our work for next month.… [Read More]

Fake Yourself Out: Marketing Techniques for People Who Hate Sales


It’s one of the great paradoxes of working for yourself and creative work generally. The same people who relish being their own boss, forging the direction of their own work, and earning money entirely from their own ideas also tend,… [Read More]

How to Conduct A Personalized Annual Review for Your Business


At the end of the year, most of us are in one of three states: swamped trying to finish projects before the holidays already checked out for the holidays scrambling to line up business for after the holidays No matter… [Read More]