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4 Tricks to Grow Your Business – Even When You’re Too Busy To Market

4 tricks to market when too busy

Is your business booming? Congratulations! Your clients are giving you more work than you can handle, or the orders are piling in – either way, you’re keeping so busy you barely have time to come up to breathe. Having a… [Read More]

Case Study: What We Can Learn From Two Wildly Successful Food Bloggers

pioneer womn

As far as blogs go, food blogging has a rather clear path to success: pick a niche grow your readership get a book deal for a cookbook (or 10) teach cooking classes But while it may seem like every food… [Read More]

Looking to Buy an Existing Website? My Experience & What You Need to Know


Old design of site when I purchased it. I was recently featured on a website I love, The Work at Home Woman in a whopping 3300-word profile on how to buy an established blog, how to avoid the mistakes I… [Read More]

Three Psychological Tricks to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


If you are like me, you probably catch yourself frequently falling into the ever-enticing but yet dangerous pitfall of comparing yourself to others. According to social scientists,  we compare ourselves to others so we can evaluate our own opinions and… [Read More]

What Professional Organizations Should You Join?


No matter what path your self-employed career takes you on, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of professional associations, membership organizations, online forums, and Facebook groups waiting to give you advice and support along the way. But not all of… [Read More]

Sticky Client Situations: How to Handle Clients Asking for Discounts


It seems like a perfectly normal thing to do. Everywhere you turn, you see ads on TV offering a one month free trial at the gym. Fifty percent off appetizers during happy hour. Buy one pair of shoes, get 20… [Read More]