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Top 5 Must-Have Items in Your Business Branding Toolkit


When you are just starting a new freelance business, the initial time investment to get things rolling can seem immense—enough to make many continually postpone getting their new business off the ground or moving from getting clients through sites like… [Read More]

A Step-by-Step Guide for Walking Away from Conferences with New Leads and Partnerships


There’s a reason most companies have “business development” staff that spend practically all their time attending conferences and events and networking: Conferences have a clear and easily definable return on investment. But as a Freelance Mom bootstrapping your way to… [Read More]

The 15 Top Conferences for Freelance Moms

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Do you have your business development plan for this year in place? I can practically hear the voices inside your head screaming: Business development? Me? Yikes! What does that even mean for my business? How do I even do that?… [Read More]

How One Mom Rapid-Launched Company to Huge Success in Just One Year


On the surface, Marrakech Food Tours makes perfect sense. American Amanda Mouttaki had a whirlwind romance with her now-husband Youssef in 2004 and he moved to the U.S. with her. In 2007, she started a blog, Maroc Mama, to keep… [Read More]

How to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month

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In this month of case studies, we’ve looked at how several self-employed women have built up their businesses incredibly far and fast in a relatively short amount of time: Shenee Howard, who went from $0 to $100,000 in one-year Laura… [Read More]

How to Create Products that Make a Killing


We looked last week at how Shenee Howard grew her business from $0 to six figures in two years, but now lets turn to an even larger and more exponential success: Laura Roeder. From Service Provider to Seven-Figure Business Owner Originally… [Read More]