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From $2 to $300 Per Project – Elna Cain’s Pricing Evolution

Welcome back to Freelance Mom’s “How to Grow Your Freelancing Business” three-part series! Elna Cain joins us again in part two to continue the discussion of her freelancing journey. In part one, we talked about how Elna discovered freelance writing… [Read More]

From $2 to $300 Per Project – How One Freelancer Grew Her Business

You hear stories ALL the time of freelance writers charging $300 per blog post or virtual assistants making $50 per hour. But if you’re just getting started as a freelancer, you may wonder if those stories are even true. They… [Read More]

Meet Three Women Who Turned Their Creative Hobby into a Business

NOTE: This is a guest post written by Gayle Johnson who is a freelance writer and owner of www.redtreewriting.com.  After reading this you will walk away with some great tips from three amazing creative ladies. Enter Gayle…… Do you have… [Read More]

11 Creative Ways Freelancers Can Earn Extra Cash This Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, you may notice that you’re spending more than in previous months this past year. The average consumer will spend $882 on Christmas presents alone in 2015, and that’s not counting the cost of decorations, food, or… [Read More]

10 Elements Your Website Must Have if You Want to Sell Your Expertise

It’s undisputed. If you’re running a business, you need a website. As a freelancer, this rule applies to you, too. According to a survey by Makealivingwriting.com, 40 percent of freelance writers don’t even have a website (and this is just… [Read More]

What the Top Experts Say About Building a Successful Email List

If you run a blog or website for your freelancing business, chances are you have an email list. Experts agree that making your email list a priority is one of the smartest things you can do. According to Wolfgang Jaegel,… [Read More]